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Question:     Hi just overheard something about pharmaceutical companies in Canada providing cheaper scripts pricing and you can simply order online from certified pharmaceutical companies…any truth to this?

Shay Jay It not currently legal to order meds from outside of the US, because….

There is no way to know you are getting what you think you are getting. Fly by night companies from India and Pakistan route their poorly regulated versions through Canada with bogus labels on them. So, since we can’t know it is safe and the dose is what you are promised, we don’t recommend it.

Now, are drugs that are the same as ours sold in Canada for less… Absolutely! The Canadian government negotiated pricing so it is cheaper. This happens all over the world and prices Americans pay make up for it for the drug companies. Also, many generics are made in other countries. Those countries must follow strict quality regulations if selling the product in the US. If they are selling it elsewhere… probably not. Our strict safety and quality regulations do drive up price some. I personally think it is worth it.

Now, do people order stuff from Canada anyway? They do. Many do fine. Some don’t. What drugs are you trying to get that are too expensive here? Maybe we can help with that. You can message me if you prefer


Questioner:  just heard some people talking about how they get their meds from Canada and curiously looked online….was surprised at the cost difference. Seemed ridiculous that it’s so high in the US….wondering if the pharmaceutical companies are gouging US citizens that much. It’s tiresome that people feel they must step on the necks of others to live an extravagant lifestyle….not against the wealthy by far…God bless…but at the cost of the underinsured or not insured..???? Just read an article that CVS & Express script we’re taking rebates for their benefit and not passing them along to the consumer… some I’m sure could have used it..

 Dr ShayJay ….totally agree. I read that article. That has been going on for years. They move money around for tax benefits and so it is hard to tell how much they really profit. I’m fiscally conservative, but there us profit, then there is greed.


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