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Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription Drug costs

“It should not be this hard to get the care we need.”

Doctor ShayJay



One of the biggest issues that we hear about is people not being able to afford medications if they have no insurance or if they are in their medicare “donut hole”.

I cannot begin to tell you the number of times that  I have heard that. It breaks my heart every time.   But it does not have to be that bad.  

There is a website called







How can drug companies do this?  Well, they have foundations that fund it so they can write it off on their taxes and it is good public relations. is a portal site. That means they link you to a bunch of other sites.  In this case, they link you to all of the applications that can be filled out and sent to pharmaceutical companies to allow people to get medications for usually FREE. 


Now, of course, there are restrictions.  First, you cannot have any prescription coverage.  You may have medicare part A only, or you can have a very high deductible insurance plan or you may have no insurance at all.  If you meet a certain income requirement, you may qualify.  

I know you are thinking the income requirement is a barrier, and it can be, but it is usually 3-4 times the poverty level and it depends on how many people live in your house.   Most people who need it will qualify.  You do have to send your taxes and sometimes receipts but if you jump through the hoops you can get some very expensive medication for free, sent 90 days at a time to your house.  This usually lasts until the end of the year and they have to be filled out yearly. It also takes a month or so to get going so sometimes people do have to foot a month of the bill before it kicks in.  

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