Navigating the Healthcare System Can Be Tough

It shouldn’t be this hard to get the care we need. 

We hear stories every day of patients who got out of the hospital and could not get the medicines they need because the insurance would not pay and it was unaffordable. 


We can tell you a million stories of bad things happening to people and what could have been done to prevent them.

These are their stories… bum, bump.




Have you ever?

Have you ever gotten to the pharmacy and left empty-handed?   

Have you ever gone to your doctor and gotten turned away?

Have you ever gone to the hospital and could not follow up due to system problems?

Take back control

There are many things that can be done to help people get what they need – maybe not what we want – but what they need.  But if you dont work in the system, you might never know.  

We will show you ways to navigate the sytem. We will show you what questions to ask of whom. 

We will show you what websites to go to or applications to fill out. 





Tell us your stories. Ask us your questions, and we will do our best to find you some answers. 


Tired of hearing complaints and stories of things that happened after the fact, several health care providers decided to start a blog to share stories and advice on navigating the system.

NOTE: We will NOT provide personal medical advice on this page.  

We will only help with problems with cost, authorizations, denials and other systemic barriers to good healthcare. 

We are not here to criticize any doctors, hospitals or other healthcare workers.  

The insurance companies have done a great job of making people think the terms health care and health insurance are interchangeable.  They are indeed not. 

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